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Poem Idea - Remembering the Old House


It may be old, but it is still fresh with the memories of the years you have spent there. That childhood house still stands. It makes its way into dreams and into stories. Think of where you grew up and connect with the good times. Remember an event that was special. Remember a time that was simpler. See your days again in that old place. Imagine your time in a more reflective light. Talk of the structure, the rooms, the windows.

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Poem Idea - Carnivals

When was the last time you were at a carnival? You know, one of those signs of summer…the crowded, dark, and sometimes littered parking lots with the Tilt-A-Whirls, the Ferris wheels, the bumper cars, and those all tempting carnival games…Cotton candy, all sticky and sugary…Snow comes, so icy and drippy…Corndogs so, well, so corn doggy…Each of these images rise to the top when thinking of a carnival. Use each line to share one sense of excitement, of wonder, of worry with your readers, your new friends, your connections to other carnivals that you have not visited…

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Poem Idea - Identifying Happiness

Happiness is a special emotion and unique to each individual. We each experience happiness in our own way. We relate to this word differently depending on our experiences and connections to others. We feel the word based on our internal dictionary. A dictionary created by our own sense of happiness. What is yours? Write about the emotions and post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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Poem Idea - Peace Within or Without

Peace is a concept with an opposite that provides more damage, quicker than peace can achieve goodness. A sense of peace is different than a state of peace. Calmness, solemnity, lack of violence are all parts that reflect this graceful word. When do we realize the true sense of the word? When do we have time to reflect on the concepts? When is it time to look into the eyes of country men, our family, our children, and share a sense of relief and hope that didn’t reside in their minds before.

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Poem Idea - War - What is Seen

War has many faces. War has many situations. It never turns out as well as either side expects. It always turns out bad for someone. In fact, it never seems to live up to any billing. The nature and reasons for this demolition has changed over the centuries. The weapons have expanded and become more brutal than any of the tortures thought up by the ancients. However, they are quicker and take less time to inflict the damage.

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Poem Idea - Crackling Campfire

The crackle of the wood as flames strike the wood. The smell of greener logs emitting a film as they are tossed into the growing blaze. The light gray specks floating around randomly within the smoke and the sparks. The sights and sounds of a campfire excite little ones and provide memories and paths to new visions for adults.

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Poem Idea - Seashells

No two seashells are alike, yet they group themselves in the same places. They float and they sink. They migrate and are migrated. Some are flatter than others. Some are smooth and others posses ripples and ridges. Many have various colors that allow them to sparkle in the sunlight and catch your eye as you stroll down the beach. A few others are dull in nature and blend into the glistening sand.

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Poem Idea - Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for family; A time for feasting; A time for remembering the bonds that brought us together as a country. We give thanks for what we have and what we share. We give thanks for what we hope for the future and what we have built in the past. We gather together as families, large and small, to eat large quantities of turkey, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole.

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Poem Idea - Halloween to All Hallows Eve

Halloween is full of spirits and spooky creatures. It is full of princesses and princes. It is full of mystery and imagination. It is a great time of year to be a child. The candy, the costumes, the connection to creativity is all around during All Hallows Eve. Write of the visions seen and felt as young trick-or-treaters venture down noisy paths and up clutter sidewalks to get handed a caramel apple, a large chocolate bar, or even a rock.

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Poem Idea - Fourth of July - Freedom Based

The celebration of Independence for the US occurs on the Fourth of July…Many poems have been written about this day, but many of us take the freedoms for granted. When we think of this day, do we connect it to the wars that our brave troops delivered dedicated service for the protection of that freedom? Or, do we think of the rebellion always be legal in the fist person, such as our rebellion, and illegal in the third person such as their rebellion…?

When did the fireworks arise in our lives to recognize the importance of this connected freedom we share and cherish? When we reflect on the sacrifices our fore fathers made to establish a country rooted in values and bringing equality back into the lives of it inhabitants. What does this day mean to you? Is it all about the loud noises and pretty lights? Write about the emotions and post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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