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Poem - Beginnings of Love - Donn Hoffmann

Beginnings of Love

As I gaze upon the clustered stars

Above in purest light

The sight of you appears

Oh sleepless night escape me not

Until the light of dawn

By: Donn Hoffmann
Originally appeared in Passages: Secrets of the Heart by Donn Anthony Hoffmann

Poem - Enchantment - Donn Hoffmann


Unsuspecting beneath the silent stars

Or in fields of fragrant flowers I am led

With sudden splendid vision I behold

Her image penetrates my very soul

To a life of love and feelings deep

Beauty and pleasure found surpassing all

Romance with me

By: Donn Hoffmann
Originally appeared in Passages: Secrets of the Heart by Donn Anthony Hoffmann

Poem - Heart of Mine - Donn Hoffmann

Heart of Mine

When silent nights wear a star studded crown

With moonlight splashing upon the ground

Hear my voice approaching like a gentle breeze

Like the songs of birds, listen to my words

Feel my presence

I have fallen in love with you

By: Donn Hoffmann
Originally appeared in Passages: Secrets of the Heart by Donn Anthony Hoffmann

Poem - My Hear - Yours Alone - Donn Hoffmann

My Heart ~Yours Alone

In the midst of others

I see no one, I hear no one, only you

All but forgotten are those who came before you

Captivated each time I see you, never wanting to flee

My passion in the beauty of you alone remains

By: Donn Hoffmann Originally appeared in Passages: Secrets of the Heart by Donn Anthony Hoffmann

Poem - Into the Night - Donn Hoffmann

Into The Night

With the luster of a velvet moon

Along the summits of mountains

Heaven opens over lakes and groves

In the quiet shade of the valley below

There along the path she is found

A motion of loveliness, her heart serene

She walks with pleasure and pure delight

With a perfume laden breeze

Among the trees, where flowers grow

Amidst the songs of birds, she pauses

Her love appears, courageous in her eyes

Her heart rushing against her breast

With trembling knees, she cannot sustain

Spirited by his gaze to him she goes

Into the night all pleasure found

With him she will remain

By: Donn Hoffmann
Originally appeared in Passages: Secrets of the Heart by Donn Anthony Hoffmann

Poem - My Heart Rejoices - Donn Hoffmann

My Heart Rejoices
High above the hills and valleys
Through billowing white clouds, the landscape unfolds
More radiant than the glow of the early morning sky
Beautiful are my thoughts and desires of you
To gently caress your body
Capturing its pleasure within my hands
I cast below my hopes and dreams they not fade away

By: Donn Hoffmann
Originally appeared in Passages: Secrets of the Heart by Donn Anthony Hoffmann

Poem - Love Me - Donn Hoffmann

Love Me

Tenderly as snowflakes gently fall upon my face

With warmth like the rays from the sun

Speak words that entice me, soothe me

Touch me, hold me, caress me

Tell me with your eyes

Love me

By: Donn Hoffmann
Originally appeared in Passages: Secrets of the Heart by Donn Anthony Hoffmann

Poem - Forever Friends - Donn Hoffmann

Forever Friends

Nothing compares to the friendship we share

Like an enchanting chord of music

A symphony of affection and fondness

Harmony and gratuitous joy

Leaving footprints on our hearts

By: Donn Hoffmann
Originally appeared in Passages: Secrets of the Heart by Donn Anthony Hoffmann

Poem - O Lovely Moon - Donn Hoffmann

O Lovely Moon

When I think of you, my crescent moon

Pursuing a path across the tranquil night sky

Painted with your lovely glow

O sweet companion and loving friend

I clasp you to my breast to the bosom of my heart

Life glides on with cheerful hopeful happiness

By: Donn Hoffmann
Originally appeared in Passages: Secrets of the Heart by Donn Anthony Hoffmann

Poem - My Love for You - Donn Hoffmann

My Love for You

Like autumn leaves turning into a hue of colors

Like the changes of seasons, you are always there

Like the light of the sun that makes bright the da y

Like the shadow of the moon as it fills the night sky

Like a flower that blossoms without the aid of seasons

You are always there

By: Donn Hoffmann

Poem - My Crescent Moon - Donn Hoffmann

My Crescent Moon

You who I adore

To love you without clutching

To appreciate you without judging

To join you is to be within you without invading

To invite you without demanding

To help you without insulting

To hold you in my arms

My heart loves your heart

My desire is you

By: Donn Hoffmann
Originally appeared in Passages: Secrets of the Heart by Donn Anthony Hoffmann

Poem - Dream Dance - Donn Hoffmann

Dream Dance

Oh heavenly beauty of sweetness and delight

My thoughts as if by some magical spell

Cannot control my heart’s desires beating within my breast

Pleasing reflections of you to forever embrace

In dreams alone for only I to see

By: Donn Hoffmann
Originally appeared in Passages: Secrets of the Heart by Donn Anthony Hoffmann

Poem - This Desire of You - Donn Hoffmann

This Desire of You

Through ever changing seasons

Your presence, fairer than a flower grown

So sweet, so gentle in the sun’s glow

Brighter than an evening star

The essence of your beauty fades not

This desire of you

By: Donn Hoffmann
Originally appeared in Passages: Secrets of the Heart by Donn Anthony Hoffmann

Poems - Lamar Cole

Lamar Cole shared many poems on our forums. This is a representation of his work from 1/3/2009 to 11/12/2010:

Real Love

By: Lamar Cole

Love that soars above the clouds.
Love that knows no bounds.
Love that always brings a smile.
Love that never goes out of style.

Love that stays around for a while.
Love that brings a beautiful child.
Love that lasts for life.
Love that binds a husband and wife.
This is real love.

Moon Shy
By: Lamar Cole

Dark clouds racing across the sky.
True love began to fly.
In a love nest so dry.

The sky has gone from blue to gray.
The sun tried to peek through.
But the only sunshine in the room today,
Was my darling you.

The day turned into a night so crisp and cold.
A million stars dotted the sky.
On my sweetheart and I they did spy.
While the moon seemed shy.

Heavenly Body
By: Lamar Cole

Ducks swimming in the pond.
I held a star in my arms.
That star darling was you.
On a summer night so new.

Frogs croaking,
Crickets chirping songs of love.
Heavenly body in my arms.
Slowly brewing summer storm.

Loudest Roar
By: Lamar Cole

When I’m with you darling,
I feel like an eagle that forever soars.
I feel like a lion with the loudest roar.
I feel like a King with a throne of gold.
I feel like a stallion that never grows old.

When I touch you,
I feel like the tallest fire.
I feel the passion that grows higher and higher.
The flame that never dies.
A tide of romance that always rise.

Love Dance
By: Lamar Cole

The moon danced with the stars.
The clouds tangoed with the sky.
My sweetheart and I love danced in the grass.
Passion was sweet and fast.

The wind waltzed with the night.
The mood was just right.
My heart swung with her soul.
Until early light.

Color of Love
By: Lamar Cole

God colored the sky blue.
God colored love true.
God colored the grass green.
Darling, God colored true love me and you.

Autumn Chill
By: Lamar Cole

It’s twilight.
The sun escorts the moon to the night.
The sun sleeps, the wind howls.
My sweetheart smiles.

Autumn chill,
Sweetheart’s warm feel,
Sultry looks,
Heart be still.

Barbara (Angel in Disguise)
By: Lamar Cole

As long as I live, I will always be a fan.
Of the lovely, wonderful Barbra Streisand.

Voice so pure and enchanting when she sings.
You can hear romantic bells ring.
Whether singing high or low.
Her words always have a beautiful flow.

Soft melodies that could make a person cry.
Songs of emotion that could bring a tear to the eye.
Angel in disguise, lady of grace.
One of the best song stylists on this earth’s face.

Sweet Love Wins
By: Lamar Cole

Bonfire burns.
Firelight flickering softly upon your skin.
Flames rising high.
Passion reaching the sky.

Lips touching,
Hands searching,
Hearts blend.
Sweet love wins.

Passion Cry
By: Lamar Cole

My sweetheart and I cuddling in the field.
The cornstalks standing tall.
The magic of love everywhere.
Exciting like the county fair.

Breathing becomes shallow.
Heads become light.
The stars hugged the sky.
Through the night was heard.
A sweet sound of passion cry.

So Serene
By: Lamar Cole

The wind felt cool upon my back.
Her eyes looked like shimmering pools of pearls.
The moon kissed the stars goodnight.
I held my sweetheart so very tight.

The sand felt good between my toes.
Her scent sweet as a rose.
The water looked so blue green.
Love by the sea so serene.

Good Loving Man
By: Lamar Cole

My sweetheart is as sweet as raindrops dripping off a rose petal.
As lovely as the beams reflected from the moon.
As brilliant as the brightest star.
As romantic as a Paul Anka tune.

She’s as lively as Glenn Miller’s Big Band.
As fresh as a winter snow that covers the land.
Neverending love like grains in the sand.
Makes me feel like her good loving man.

Passion in the Waves
By: Lamar Cole

Remember darling, the end of the day.
The sun setting in Montego Bay.
You and I frolicking in the Caribbean Sea.
Happy as can be.

The water was so blue.
The sunset beautiful like you.
Love was so fresh and smooth.
Passion in the waves made the moon drool.

Jazz Man Louis
By: Lamar Cole

Notes of gold from his horn he did blow.
The great Satchmo,
He could really belt out a good song.
Listening to Louis Armstrong,
You couldn’t go wrong.

Gravelly voice,
A big smile,
Jazz Man Louis had a lot of style.
Listening to Louis brought a smile to the face.
His music always in good taste.

Juices of Love
By: Lamar Cole

The stars shone brightly.
The moon sprinkled magic from heaven above.
The night is calm.
In the valley of love.

An owl hoots.
The deer are like statues.
My sweetheart is sweet like an apple.
The juices of love flow freely.

Passion Steps
By: Lamar Cole

Winter storm,
Safe and secure in my sweetheart’s arms.
Pretty face,
Scented body in satin and lace.

Snow is deep.
Through the window a chill creeps.
Passion seeps.
Happy tears weep.

October Love
By: Lamar Cole

The moon just peeked from behind the trees.
At you and I darling on our carpet of leaves.
Your love is sweet like ripe fruit.
As our passion takes root.

The wind blew just right tonight.
The stars shone from heaven above.
Lovely as a dove.
October love.

Frank Sinatra (King of Croon)
By: Lamar Cole

Frank was suave and smooth.
In his Fedora hat, he looked so cool.
Man, Frank could sing.
Voice that tugged at the ladies’ heartstrings.

The world lost a great crooner.
When the Chairman Of The Board passed.
His music legacy will always last.

Pure romance is dancing under the stars and moon.
Listening to Frank Sinatra King Of Croon.

Flame of Love
By: Lamar Cole

Darling, the path of our love has been very smooth.
Because in my heart you lit a fuse.
My soul never sings the blues.

A flame of love that always burns.
A wheel of passion that always turns.
A bird of romance that always flies.
A garden of happiness that never dies.

Paris Groove
By: Lamar Cole

Remember darling, sailing the River Seine.
How good it felt to be in France.
Under the Paris sky, we sailed.
The morning mist we could smell.

Remember dancing through the night.
Me holding you so very tight.
Remember strolling through the Louvre.
Nothing beats the Paris groove.

A Lover’s Fling
By: Lamar Cole

Night comes to the meadow.
Two lovers entwined in the shadows.
A soft rain begins.
Bringing tingles to the skin.

The air is fresh.
Lovers fest.
A night bird sings.
Bells in the heart ring.

A lover’s fling.
Sweet love is the cream.

Golden Voice Nat
By: Lamar Cole

Always impeccably dressed.
A song his smooth voice could caress.
A smooth singer from days of old.
The golden voiced Nat King Cole.

When he sang, the ladies swooned.
The stars seemed to shine brighter when he crooned.
A voice so soothing.
Lovers felt as if cloud cruising.

Cool Love Calls
By: Lamar Cole

Half moon,
Brilliant stars,
The air is brisk.
Sweetheart’s warm kiss.

A horse neighs.
Two lovers in the hay.
The coming of fall.
Cool love calls.

Fred and Ginger
By: Lamar Cole

Darling, remember how you kept tapping your feet.
How you could hardly sit still in your seat.
Looking at Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire sing and dance.
Ah, the days of glamour and sweet romance.

Watching Fred and Ginger glide across the stage.
Turner Classic Movies will always be the rage.
When you saw Fred and Ginger, you would lose worry and care.
Because when they danced, you could feel magic in the air.

Camero Z28
By: Lamar Cole

Remember darling, our exciting date.
You and I cruising the highway.
In my sky blue Camaro Z28.
So in love without a care.
The wind blowing through your lovely hair.

Riding down the highway so wild and free.
Your soft hand upon my knee.
Feeling your body heat as you moved closer.

By: Lamar Cole

Remember darling,
Walking hand in hand.
Through the gates of Graceland.
Remember when we sat in Elvis’ pink jeep.
Your hug felt so sweet.

Remember how sad you felt.
When you saw Elvis’ grave.
You seemed to feel his spirit.
A heartfelt moment to keep and save.

There was magic and Blue Hawaii.
All that day for us.
Elvis Presley Blvd and Graceland.
Ultimate bliss for his greatest fans.

Jacuzzi Love
By: Lamar Cole

Moonlit night,
Feelings right,
Bubbling water,
Jet streams.

Bodies mesh,
Warm flesh,
Stars shining above,
Jacuzzi love.

By: Lamar Cole

Flames dancing,
Wood popping,
Satin and lace,
Love by the fireplace.

Soft rug,
Tender hugs,
Sweet kisses,
Lovers’ wishes.

Hot desire.
Bodies on fire.
Ecstasy and passion.
Complete satisfaction.

One Star
By: Lamar Cole

The stars shone bright tonight.
One star shone brighter than the rest.
That star reminded me of you darling.
The brightest star in my life.

One star stood apart from the rest.
One star made my heart pound like a jackhammer.
One star excited my soul.
Giving me tingles from my head to toes.

By: Lamar Cole

The moon just hid behind the trees.
Looking tasty and sweet.
Like an orange sherbet ice cream treat.

Your love was tasty tonight.
Like an orange slice cake.
The kind that it takes time to bake.

Passion was out of sight tonight.
Love flying so high in the breeze.
That you could feel it rustling the leaves.

By: Lamar Cole

Out in the country.
Where life is so simple.
Lives a girl with the prettiest dimples.

All decked out in sundress and sandals.
Wearing a smile so broad and wide.
Brightening up the countryside.

Always happy and sunny.
Nice personality, cute, and funny.
Always a pleasure to be around.
Cutest freckles and reddest hair.
In this small rural town.

Kiss Your Tears
By: Lamar Cole

Darling, remember the day.
You felt so sad and blue.
All you wanted in the world.
Was for me to just hold you.

I spent all of that day.
Loving you and kissing your tears away.
So whenever you’re feeling sad and blue.
No matter what time of day.

I’ll be there for you darling.
To kiss your tears away.

Raindrops of Love
By: Lamar Cole

My love and I strolled outside.
In the flower garden.
Beautiful and scenic.

It was cloudy in the sky above.
It began to shower raindrops of love.
You and I darling became drenched.
Wet with droplets from above.

Love raindrops look good on your face.
From your lips they gave a sweet taste.
In your hair they smelled so sweet.
Soft rain and you darling.
Heaven’s special treat.

My Strength
By: Lamar Cole

I wake up in the morn.
Sometimes feeling tired and worn.
Through the window comes the morning sun.
Shining on you darling.
My love my only one.

Like a flower needs a bee.
Like a forest needs a tree.
Like Popeye needs his spinach.
I need you darling, my strength.

A Single Tear
By: Lamar Cole

I remember the time we said goodbye.
A single tear fell from your eye.
My love was going away.
On a distant trip today.

Her nearness she knew I would surely miss.
Upon my head she placed a kiss.
Even though she left today.
Her heart never did go away.

Upon a TWA jet she flew.
Up in the sky so blue.
A love so true.
I could still feel her kiss as the wind blew.

My Favorite Flavor
By: Lamar Cole

Cherry Coke tastes sweet.
Mountain Dew is so neat.
But darling, you’re my favorite flavor.
The one that I always savor.

Sweet as a strawberry soda.
Fresh as lemonade.
Smooth like Mello Yello.
Makes me glad I’m your fellow.

Drinking nice and slow.
Satisfies my thirst.
Every part is sweet to the taste.
Not one drop goes to waste.

Street Light
By: Lamar Cole

The street light is glowing bright tonight.
As we share our hearts.
On a bench in the park.

Our love is burning bright tonight.
As we kiss.
On this wonderful night.
The air filled with bliss.

Our passion is rising high.
All the way to the sky.
You set my body aflame.
Seductively repeating my name.

By: Lamar Cole

A starry night in June.
Two silhouettes can be seen on the moon.
On a night so cool and fair.
Sweet kisses under the white oak tree.
Two lovers without a care.

The moon seemed to feel our love.
Like the inside of a warm glove.
The moon spoke to us tonight.
As passion reached its greatest height.

My Favorite Dish
By: Lamar Cole

A piece of coconut cake,
A cup of vanilla ice cream,
A slice of apple pie,
Can all bring bliss.
But darling, you’re my favorite dish.

A piece of you.
Topped with love and affection.
Is my one desire and wish.
Served with passion and a sweet kiss.
Life doesn’t get much better than this.

Magic is You
By: Lamar Cole

Bodies swaying to and fro.
To the music of Barry Manilow.
Hearts aglow.
Holding each other on the dance floor.

Dancing until weak in the knees.
To that hip disco music by the Bee Gees.
Ending the night in a sweet groove.
Listening to Neil Diamond.
Voice so smooth.

Music is magic.
And magic is you.
I feel magic to the core.
Whenever I hold you on the dance floor.

By: Lamar Cole

White clouds,
Morning breeze,
Ripples in the pond,
Dancing trees.

Tall grass blowing.
Our love growing.
Sunlight shimmering.
Sweet love simmering.

Love Destiny
By: Lamar Cole

My love sets sail upon waves of trust.
Destined for your heart.
My love takes flight upon breezes of honesty.
Destined for your soul.

My love walks a path of sincerity.
Destined for your mind.
My love climbs a mountain of togetherness.
Destined for your life.

Passion Tonight
By: Lamar Cole

Darling, you are really on fire tonight.
Explosive like dynamite.
Exciting like fireworks at night.
Making passion rise.
With those sultry bedroom eyes.

Ready to explode like TNT.
With sweet love just for me.
Passion tonight is like nitro.
What a beautiful morning afterglow.
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Spring Dance
By: Lamar Cole

Darling, I remember how pretty you looked.
At the spring dance.
Carnation in your hair.
Flowing strapless chiffon dress.
Color of blue so pure.

Lovely as a beauty queen.
Girl of my dreams.
Sweet as a lily in bloom.
Essence radiating through the room.

Beauty and charm a wonderful combination.
You in my arms a sweet sensation.
I feel like I’m king of the world.
Because God made you my girl.

Thunder Love
By: Lamar Cole

The moon just went behind black clouds.
Wind whistling loud.
Weeping willows dancing proud.
My sweetheart in my arms.
Nature sounding alarm.
Thunder in our love.
Slow and beautiful like a white dove.

Desert Flower
By: Lamar Cole

Precious as a rose in bloom.
Treasured more than a gold filled room.
Jewels are the moments spent with you.
Diamonds are your love so true.

Your love is my treasure.
Happiness beyond measure.
My pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
My desert flower that always grows.

Pretty Sweet Thing
By: Lamar Cole

I bask in your love.
I delight in your kiss.
I glide in your heart.
I swim in your soul.

I’m rich beyond compare.
Knowing that for me you will always care.
You are my sunrise in the morning.
My stars at night.

You are my fresh morning air.
My cool running spring.
My dew on the flowers.
My pretty sweet thing.

Rose Colored Glasses
By: Lamar Cole

My life has been beautiful and bright.
Because of our love that feels so right.
Darling, you are the rose colored glasses I wear.
That makes even gloomy days seem fair.

You are the right that outshines the wrong.
You are the love that keeps me strong.
Because of your love, life’s lottery I have won.
God knows I’m the lucky one.

Your Face
By: Lamar Cole

Your face is smiling and inviting.
Kiss so exciting.
Lips so sweet.
Taste like a peach.

Your face is framed in my mind.
Painted in my heart.
Tattooed on my soul
Sketched on my skin.
Part of my very being.

Dream World
By: Lamar Cole

Soft and mellow.
Sweet like jello.
That’s how you felt when I held you on the dance floor.

Eyes closed.
As we took our whirl.
Felt like I was in dream world.

Bodies entwined as they played our favorite song.
Sparks that you send.
God I prayed that this slow dance would never end.

By: Lamar Cole

Darling, the Jamaican night was sizzling.
And so were you in your one piece bathing suit.
Looking delicious like pineapple fruit.

The brilliant stars dotted the sky.
Beads of pearls dripped down your face.
Sweet coconut milk on your lips I could taste.

A lady of high fashion.
A white sand beach.
A night filled with passion.
You and I climbing love’s highest peak.

All Luscious
By: Lamar Cole

All luscious and sweet.
You’ve made my life complete.
Like a cherry Tootsie Roll Pop.
Long lasting love whenever we meet.

It seemed as though the stars shone tonight.
Just for you.
It seemed as if raindrops of love.
Fell softly for two lovers true.

Wrapped in your arms.
All warm and tight.
Everything is right with the world tonight.

By: Lamar Cole

God sprinkled the night sky with stars.
God sprinkled the heavens with angels.
God sprinkled your eyes with love.
God sprinkled the galaxy with stardust above.

God sprinkled the oceans with blue.
God sprinkled my life with you.
God sprinkled moms with new born babes.
Who give unconditional love.
Sent like you darling from heaven above.

Fire in Your Touch
By: Lamar Cole

Love so beautiful like a rose.
Your lovely face is imprinted in my soul.
Something to cherish and always hold.
Your love keeps me warm when I grow cold.

Some things will wither and grow old.
Our love will always be bright and bold.
Sometimes a flame burns low so much.
But, darling, there will always be fire in your touch.

Something Magical
By: Lamar Cole

Something mystical happened today.
I felt your touch.
Even though you’re far away.

I felt your hands upon my face.
It seemed as though your sweet lips.
I could taste.

It seemed as if I could feel your embrace.
It took me to a wonderful place
Because even when you’re far away.
I feel your love in every way.

Thirsty Soul
By: Lamar Cole

Love, darling, is you.
Your love cascaded down the waterfalls of your heart.
To my thirsty soul.
Your love filled the crevices of my life.
Your love is my lighthouse.
My beacon in the night.
I found home in your heart.

Summer and You
By: Lamar Cole

Sky looking so blue.
Summer, darling, always remind me of you.
Picnics in the park.
Fireflies lighting up the sky after dark.

Crickets serenading.
Stars parading.
The wind caressing the trees.
The scent of love on the breeze.

Wildflowers on the hillside.
You by my side.
Looking so sweet.
Like a cherry snow cone treat.

Magical Night
By: Lamar Cole

What a magical night.
I drowned in your caress.
I’ll always remember how cute you looked.
In your silk mini dress.

Pretty long legs.
All lovely and tan.
Looking so good.
You could light up a baseball stand.

When you walked.
All the guys’ heads did turn.
For a moment with you.
They would walk through fire.
And get burned.

Diamonds So Bright
By: Lamar Cole

The way her eyes sparkle like diamonds so bright.
The way her lips taste like apples so sweet.
Really knocks me off my feet.

The way her touch sets me on fire.
The way her lovely scent lingers.
The soft feel of her hair on my fingers.

The way she always make me feel.
A lasting love that is so real.

Sweet Whispers on the Wind
By: Lamar Cole

Our love was whispered on the wind tonight.
Everything was right when we held each other.
So very tight.

Our love was reflected by the moon.
Our song of love.
We could hear the wind croon.

The wind whispered.
Trust your heart.
Go with your feelings.
This sweet love you’ll always be needing.

We were so close I could feel her heart beating.
See the love and passion in her eyes.
One so lovely in the evening.
And lovelier at sunrise.

The Best Part of Me
By: Lamar Cole

Love flows like a river.
Love falls like the rain.
The thought of you makes me shiver.
The touch of your lips makes me quiver.

Love smells sweet like a rose.
Love is deep like the sea.
Your love like leaves on a tree.
Is darling the best part of me.

Recipe for Love
By: Lamar Cole

Five cans of patience.
Five boxes of romance sensation.
Ten cups of sharing.
A gallon of caring.
A bowl of trust.
Honesty a must.
Always put God first.
Salvation for thirst.

By: Lamar Cole

Our life is a kaleidoscope of happy moments.
A rainbow of many colors.
A basket filled with sweet dreams.
Candy apples and vanilla ice cream.

Our happiness is a walk in the park.
A kiss after dark.
Feeling love our whole lives through.
The nearness of God and my darling you.

Kiss in the Wind
By: Lamar Cole

Birds fly.
Eagles soar.
For your love my heart roars.

A baby is born.
New life begins.
Love was born from a kiss in the wind.

I loved you in the beginning.
I’ll love you til the end.
Our love began.
With a sweet kiss in the wind.

Beauty Bouquet
By: Lamar Cole

There’s a girl who walks the scenic trail.
The one with the long ponytail.
The way it blows in the breeze.
Can bring a fellow to his knees.

She’s pure as sunshine.
Mellow as aged wine.
Mystical as a Hawaiian sunrise.
A beauty bouquet for the eyes.

By: Lamar Cole

The rain falling gently upon her face.
Takes her to a magical place.
The rain falling softly in her hair.
Lets her soul float upon the air.

The rain touching her lips.
Give her the breath of life in little sips.
The rain falling softly from the sky.
Lets her know that heaven.
Is where good souls fly.

Lovely Dream
By: Lamar Cole

Such a lovely dream.
Sailing on the waves of love with my sweet thing.
Such a lovely morn.
Having you in my arms.

Such a wonderful day.
The day your love came my way.
Such romance.
Our love has been one long slow dance.

Strawberry Hair
By: Lamar Cole

She walks through life without a care.
The girl with the strawberry hair.
She glides on top of the world.
The girl with the strawberry curls.

She’s every boy’s dream.
Sweet as cherries and ice cream.
Pretty as flowers in spring.
She makes all the guys’ hearts sing.

The Night Wind
By: Lamar Cole

The night wind sings a song of love.
It carries the spirits of sweethearts.
To the heavens above.

The night wind blows sweet romance.
Upon its breezes.
The souls of lovers dance.

The night wind blows very cool.
Tonight, love and romance rule.

Highway of Love
By: Lamar Cole

Our hearts met on the highway of love.
Our souls floated on the clouds above.
Your love must have been heaven sent.
Many nights of bliss with you I have spent.

When I said I love you.
You wept waterfalls of happy tears.
We are still so much in love after all these years.

Days will come and years will past.
Our love darling is sweet music.
That will always last.

By: Lamar Cole

Birds sing.
Sweethearts dream.
The heart knows that it’s spring.

Love buds.
Root Beer suds.
Children play.
Moms pray.

Thank God for life.
And another spring day.

Everything Gonan Be Alright
By: Lamar Cole

I left home for the war.
When I was just eighteen.
I went to Vietnam a person so good and clean.
I came back home all broken spirited and mean.

All through the war I kept thinking.
If I could just get back home.
Everything gonna be alright.

As I tramped through the fields.
Bodies of my buddies maimed and killed.
I kept thinking if I could just get back home.
Everything gonna be alright.

They shipped me home on a Monday.
They gave me a Purple Heart.
I lost one leg and my mind is bad.
People look at me with faces so sad.

But I’m home now Lord.
And everything is alright.
But I’m home now Lord.
And everything is alright.

A Night Like This
By: Lamar Cole

I gaze into the night sky.
The moon smiles.
The stars wink.
Deeper into my sweetheart’s arms I sink.

I inhale the fresh spring air.
And tenderly stroke my sweetheart’s hair.
A shooting star streaks across the sky.
Our love takes wings and fly.

Her charms I could never resist.
Two hearts floating in ecstasy on a night like this.

Loving You
By: Lamar Cole

Loving you is as pure as the snow in winter.
Sweet as the air in spring.
Bright as the sun in summer.
Beautiful as the leaves in fall.

Loving you fulfills me.
Your love is real to me.
Loving you excites my soul.
Your love makes my life whole.

By: Lamar Cole

I never feel alone when you are near.
Life is sunshine and roses because you are here.
I never feel sad and blue when I’m with you.
Because I found a love so beautiful and true.

I walk through life without a care.
I know that your love will always be there.
In this life I know no fear.
Because your love and God give me strength my dear.

By: Lamar Cole

The wind blows free across the sea.
A little girl laughs gaily on her father’s knee.
A bird sings happily in a tree.
Love blows freely for my love and me.

Deer run free in the field.
Eagles fly free at will.
Leaves dance freely in the wind.
I will love you freely until life’s end.

My Soul
By: Lamar Cole

Loveliness adorns her.
Love of God transforms her.
Happiness surrounds her.
Sweet love warms her.

Strawberries appeal to her.
Our love is real to her.
Flowers smell sweet to her.
My soul lives for her.

Thank God
By: Lamar Cole

Every night before I sleep.
I get down on my knees and pray.
Thanking God for sending your love my way.

Every morning when I open my eyes.
And look at the beautiful sky.
I thank God for another day with you.
A love who makes all my days fresh and new.

With every breath.
I thank God for a love that’s true.
And true love darling is you.

By: Lamar Cole

Like the birds sing a sweet song.
Like the rivers strum a lovely tune.
Like the stars serenade the moon.
Like flowers look so pretty in June.

Like water makes violets grow.
Like winter brings flaky snow.
This is true and no jest.
Love is the blueprint for happiness.

By: Lamar Cole

The sun rises.
The wind blows.
Like a tree.
True love grows and grows.

Like a flower.
True love smells fresh.
Like a river.
True love stands time’s test.

Two elderly people holding hands.
Walking barefoot on the beach sand.
The young at heart lady is the man’s wife.
Love can still be like the sunrise in the twilight of a person’s life.

Her Sweat Love
By: Lamar Cole

Her sweet love flows down the waterfalls of my soul.
Her sweet love climbs the mountains of my heart.
Her sweet love flows through the rivers of my life.
Her sweet love seeps through the windows of my mind.
Her sweet love flies on the wings of my prayer.
Her sweet love sustains me like the air.

Secret Place
By: Lamar Cole

Our eyes met.
Our souls touched.
First love is a feeling that you never forget.

First love brought to my heart.
A flood of emotions.
Beautiful and wide.
Exciting like a balloon ride.

Years go by and days pass.
But the memory of a first love will always last.
This is something that must be realized from the start.
A first love always remains in a secret place in the heart.

Our Romance
By: Lamar Cole

Our romance is like the sun gleaming.
The moon beaming.
Our romance is like the stars shining so bright.
All through the heavenly night.

Our romance is like violins playing.
Sunny days staying.
Our romance is like birds singing.
Bells ringing.

Our romance is like rivers flowing.
Flowers growing.
Our romance is like a cool wind.
Love that never ends.

By: Lamar Cole

Peeled sugar cane tastes sweet upon the lips.
Coconut milk tastes sweet on the tongue.
Your love tastes sweet in my life.
Easing burdens and taking away strife.

Apple pie smells fresh on the breeze.
The scent of peach pie flows through the trees.
Your breath tastes sweet to my lips
Like ginger ale with every sip.

Her Physical Beauty
By: Lamar Cole

Her physical beauty is lovely to behold.
But nothing compares to the beauty within her soul.
She has a personality that is so sweet.
And a gentleness that can’t be beat.

She has the ability to deeply feel.
This by far is her greatest appeal.
She has the gift to show great love.
That surely came from heaven above.

Treat Her
By: Lamar Cole

Treat her right.
She will be so nice.
Treat her wrong.
She will be cold as ice.

Treat her like a queen.
She will be your lifelong dream.
Treat her bad.
You will end up lonely and sad.

By: Lamar Cole

Light as butterflies floating on the wind.
Thoughts of you flow through my mind.
Pretty as flowers blowing in the breeze.
Your image dances with the wind in the trees.

Sweet as a lollipop.
Visions of you is tops.
Cool as ice.
Dreams of you feel so nice.

By: Lamar Cole

Life with you is a beautiful dance.
Of loving and sweet romance.
Life with you is a sweet dream.
Of honeysuckle and cool running streams.

Life with you is a thrilling roller coaster ride.
Knowing that you will always be by my side.
Life with you is my eternity.
You and I floating on an endless cloud of serenity.

Her Voice
By: Lamar Cole

Her voice is like a song.
That’s written on the pages of my heart.
Soft and low.
With a sweet melodic flow.

Each word spoken.
Like a beautiful note.
Straight out of a songbook.
For my heart she wrote.

Voice so sweet.
What a treat.
My heart melts whenever we meet.

Her Body
By: Lamar Cole

Scent like lilies in bloom.
Looking so sensuous.
When she walks into a room.

Hair so silky.
Skin so smooth.
Feels like a peach to the touch.
A touch I love so much.

Lovely as a female genie.
Who fulfills the wishes.
Just like cotton candy.
Looking so delicious.

Your Lips
By: Lamar Cole

Like an apple
Red and delicious.
The answer to my prayers and wishes.

Full of smiles when happy.
A bit of pout when sad.
Full of sweet kisses.
That makes my heart glad.

Full of kind words.
When sometimes I feel gloom.
Full of sweet songs.
That could fill a room.

By: Lamar Cole

Some people dream of diamonds.
Some people dream of gold.
But I dream of you love.
Until the night grows cold.

Prayer kept me safe.
Visions of you kept me warm.
Thinking of you through the night.
Secure from harm.

Some people dream of riches.
A whole lot of money.
But I will dream of you always.
My precious honey.

By: Lamar Cole

You are the sun.
You are the moon.
You are the happy tunes.
My heart sings in June.

You are the flower.
That blooms in my heart after an april shower.
You are the star that shines so bright.
You are the love that makes my life so right.

You are the wind that blows through my hair.
Your love, like God, I feel everywhere.

Her Eyes
By: Lamar Cole

Eyes so green.
Like ones in a sweet dream.
Eyes so round.
Shining like moonbeams.

Eyes so pretty.
Loveliest in the city.
Eyes so bright.
Like stars shining in the night.

Eyes so soft.
Like those of a spotted doe.
Eyes so tender.
Brings to the heart sweet surrender.

This Love
By: Lamar Cole

This love runs on emotion.
This love is fueled by devotion.
This love floats on feelings.
Higher than a cathedral ceiling.

This love soars on the breeze of monogamy.
Two hearts in perfect harmony.
This love is you.
This love is me.
Together, forever through eternity.

Your Kiss
By: Lamar Cole

Your kiss is sweet as a candy cane.
Soft as a summer rain.
Soothing as a soft pillow.
Free as a weeping willow.

Sweet as honey.
More precious than money.
Wet as a winter snow.
The kind that is dreamed of.
This I know.

A Sweetheart
By: Lamar Cole

A sweetheart is one of God’s greatest creations.
Whose love brings to the heart .
A sweet sensation.

She makes everyday worth living.
Her love is always there for the giving.
A love that makes sorrow take flight.
That lights up the heart.
Like fireflies light up the night.

Your Love
By: Lamar Cole

Your love is like diamonds.
That sparkle in the night.
Your love is like the stars.
That shine so bright.

Your love is like the wind.
That feels so cool.
Your love is like icecream.
That tastes so smooth.

Your love is like the sky.
That is so blue.
Your love is like a bright sunny day.
That makes the world seem new.

My Love
By: Lamar Cole

My love sails on blue waters.
Blue waters of your heart.
My love dances on the wind.
The wind of your soul.

My love is a true reflection.
Reflection of your eyes.
My love will live forever.
In your body and soul.

The Night Was Made For Romance
By: Lamar Cole

The night was made for romance.
In the night our two hearts dance.
Under the stars our lips touch.
In the garden your embrace means so much.
The night was made for love.
Our hearts cooing like a white dove.
Your eyes sparkling like diamonds so white.
I love you darling with all my might.
The night was made for caring and trust.
And darling, God made this night for us.

Our Love
By: Lamar Cole

As long as there is love, I will cherish you.
As long as there is life, I will love you.
As long as the stars shine above, I will want you.
As long as there are waves in the ocean, I will need you.
As long as there is heaven above, there will always be our love.

Only Love
By: Lamar Cole

Love can sometimes be fresh.
Love can sometimes be new.
Love can sometimes make you happy.
And sometimes make you blue.
Love is the light that radiates from your eyes.
Love is your image floating in the skies.
Love is true.
And darling, the only love for me is you.

Poem - Dark Holes – Kenja

By: Kenja

the earth opens and sucks in all that loves ,giving back unexplained terror

letting us wonder like lost puppies, it hits the one that loves with not only his mind and body

but mainly soul letting us have glory, when we lose it

it feels as if a million knifs going through our hearts, hearing the voice everyday through the trees

seeing the face control all nature, still protecting from a distance

only to show the true feelings of caring, not letting us go without a fight of redemption

to give us comfort of peace and warmth, to let us breathe the world known to him

making the force unknown to the unloved.

Poem - Holocaust - Hannah Steadman

By: Hannah Ruth Steadman

The bluebird chirps of love tonight
As two form one in close embrace.
Love’s power strains beyond all might
To ease the ache of life’s hard race.
Vain words of hope he breathes this hour;
She sobs the more as daybreak comes.
A tyrant grasps them in his power,
And death will make them all succumb.
Hadassah wept, so Haman dies—
A consequence of God-heard prayer.
Yet no redeemer will arise
To save the sons of Isaac’s heir.
The couple clings for one last time.
Cold Auschwitz’s darkness lurks in sight
As now approach death’s gas and lime.
The bird’s song dies with dawn’s first light.

Poem - Dour Girl - Lianna Albrizio

By: Lianna Albrizio

Every morning she arises to a routine feeling of despair. She picks up a pen to begin to write, attempting to cleanse her mind of self-deprecating thoughts that bite. She puts on a black t-shirt to match her mood, and applies mascara called “blackout” to accent her mysterious eyes through which she regularly broods. She goes to drink a cup of black coffee to experience a euphoric high, but crashes to a hampering low, as the day goes by.

She gets a cigarette to add to the blackening of her lungs.

When she arrives at school and talks to someone new, her hazel eyes become eclipsed by dilation, comparable to her first drug experimentation. After inevitable rejection, she resigns to a dark place when she feels like nobody cares. She always feels in the dark when confused about her affairs– mostly because she refuses to see the bigger picture, or perhaps is just hindered by daunting bouts of depression that cloud up her mind like a pre-storm sky in winter.

When she steps outside to view a magnificent sky, the earth is splendidly bright, but she can’t seem to relish and take flight. The sunset is breathtakingly beautiful, yet all her somber mind allows her to sight is the subsidence of light, and an array of fading colors against a horizon that she will never reach. This sense of emptiness runs deep– day-in and day-out through which she stares down the abyss in her yearning heart that pleads, “let me out!”

When night falls into a starry evening and she falls back asleep, she closes her eyes and still can’t see. Black is dismal like me.

Poem - Who Are You - Damien Livingston

By: Damien Livingston

Sometimes I question myself
When I begin to do things, I never done before
Is this maturity, am I bettering myself
Or is this post teen peer pressure where I following a flock
Who are you?
Sometimes you have to ask
Because people have motives
What are yours?
Is it to close every door left open by our ancestors?
Or, is it to break the frame
So that more people can have the opportunity to break free
From self arresting chains
Don’t confuse it, if you don’t use it you definitely lose it
So when will you change
From using words for gossip to creating beautiful stories
Filled with your soul and provide it
To other people as a real life object or testament
Of fall down, get back up, keep trying
Now tell me, who are you?
Are you the pen that continue to poison our history
With ignorance, disloyalty and murder
Or were you just the instrument of crime to put us down further
Well, now is the your time to stand for something
Other then your own selfish needs of fulfillment
You can become the pen that will one day write our future
Therefore, today I ask who are you?

Poem - My Lover, My Friend - Crystal Robin Rose

By: Crystal Robin Rose

Butterflies, goose bumps, even chills,
When I’m with you that’s how I feel.
Holding you tight oh so close,
Being a part of your life is what I love the most.
My eyes sparkle, my face glows,
How much you mean to me you’ll never know.
I love being a part of your world,
Everyday I feel like the luckiest girl.
You’re my man, my best friend,
The bond we have is impossible to end.
Deep thoughts, secrets told,
Sharing these feelings will never get old.
Being apart for a day feels like years,
You have helped me overcome my fears.
I love you like there’s no tomorrow,
Where ever you go I’ll follow.
You’re my soul mate, my better half,
You always know how to make me laugh.
Each fight made us who we are today,
The bond is stronger now nothing can stand in our way.
Thank you for loving me and everything you do,
But mostly thank you for being you.

Poem - The Machine: Time Driven – Cathy P. Staley

By: Cathy P. Staley

Metal pieces,
The ocean breeze,
An open door,
As if to say, “Hello.”
The blood of man.
Stood up there,
And through his lips spoke to the world,
But throught the world is where his words now lay scatered.
Time passes by,
An old man died,
But not soon to be forgotten.
For in this man,
There was no fear,
To take a stand and to be heard.

Poem - Little - Skyler Wolf Jones

By: Skyler Wolf Jones

A little piece of dirt,
I see you, dried up in the scorching sun,
Waiting for a drop of rain,
To soak away the cracks and pain.
A little piece of land,
With dirt and bugs a little bland,
No vegetation growing in this earth,
I wonder what it’s worth.
A little piece of me,
Deserted from the life I know,
Is this the way I want to live,
No experiences to help me grow.
Moisture for the dirt,
Water for the land,
Emotion for my life,
And the will to take a stand.
All the little pieces,
Are essential for the whole,
All the little life experiences,
Are essential for your soul.
Give yourself a little dream,
Take a little glance,
At the life you’ve left out to dry,
Give it another chance.

Poem - Each - Skyler Wolf Jones

By: Skyler Wolf Jones

Each night each moon,
Will come and close the afternoon,
And I will still be there in the shadows,
Awaiting my time to shine.
Each day, each sun,
Will close the night and darkness there is none,
Casting my shadow of the day,
What will I become.
I listen to my soul when all is still,
And it tells me I am real,
It tells me I am doing right,
Each sunny day, and moonlit night.

Poem - Sickness - Jamie Lynn Waters

By: Jamie Lynn Waters

Sickness is a sad thing,
Watching the color fade from your face,
Wondering how your yesterdays are,
Did you live it to the fullest,
Or was it just a mistake, regret, or nothing at all,
It could be today,
It could be tomorrow,
I’m not looking for the sorrow,
But if there never comes a tomorrow,
I want you to be satisfied with the life you lived,
Even though you still hold so much life,
It’s slowly slipping from you,
Somewhere out there, there is more to life for you,
Even though I prepare myself,
I’ll never be ready,
I got one brother and preparation will never be enough for that day,
Although words go unspoken amongst us,
I hope you know that there is a plan for you,
And if it be that you go before you want to,
You’ll forever hold a place in my heart,
The memories left will keep us connected,
And the life you left here will know your legacy.

Poem - Waver - Heather Jo Besley

By: Heather Jo Besley

To move without effort
Elegance, ease
Wind tossed and light
Sweet spray of the sea
Perfect or poor
To wait? To leave?
Decide; abide
With a quivering lip
As the blue ocean sighs

Poem - Thoughts - Jamie Lynn Waters

By: Jamie Lynn Waters

Sitting here glancing out the window,
I see a cow in the field.
I watch the lonely cow grazing in the meadow,
Chomping away at the freshly grown grass.
It is not quite a gloomy day, yet not sunny either.
I wonder what that cow’s thinking and what her life story would be like.
Would it be a story of sorrow, survival of the fittest, bliss, a memory, or nothing at all?
As the cow wanders off, my mind drifts again.
All these thoughts keep running through my mind endlessly, unexplainable.
What is out there in this world for me?
I’ve seen so much wrong that I don’t know what’s right.
Unanswered questions.
Does life have no purpose, or is there a meaning to all these thoughts?
There is now an empty grazing field, no more lonely cows.
Just trees and no sunlight, now a gloomy day.
Does this mean something?
The thoughts are slipping away like the clouds and now I see a light.
I shall follow the road untaken and make my life my memories.
It won’t pass me by.

Poem - Watch - Suzanne Grenoble

By: Suzanne Grenoble

My girl asks Mommy what’s the time? and I say
Time to sled into a snowpile, play
Make believe or cookie cop or
End the day leisurely bathing with
Unimaginable legions of friends

What time is it Mommy when the Big Hand touches twelve?
Time to stand up tall, to bat,
Stretch out long
Like a cat:

Mommy, the Big Hand is on the nine,
And the little hand is on the twelve, Mommy
Can I call someone? anyone, to tell them the time
And I say it’s late but I wonder

Can I teach you
Do I reach you
Can I wish for you
Trying to rush you from bath to bed but then
Stories drag out the decision
And the light stays on

And what time will it be
When I stop asking and forget that I ever did ask, and then
Ask while you write this, why are you writing this? And
The mother raises her eyes to her beloved to
Tell her how she looked
Asleep, oval face and long brown hair
Like a fallen angel, streaming dark across the white pillow

Poem - Selected Poems - Timothy Russell

By: Timothy Russell

They whirled and flurried from the sky.
They came to me in the middle of the night,
some silently, some clumsily bumping into things.
They stuck their tongues in my mouth.
Some slunk along the edge of the river bank
like feral cats. Some ran ahead of me
like those bumpkins in Pamplona.
They flicked their beautiful tail feathers.
They took things personally and sulked or pouted.
They undressed and they got dressed.
They spoke to strangers and took up with them.
Some recovered from one trauma or another.
Some did not. One saved somebody’s life.
They fed me. They traveled with me.
They ventured out of the woods
and nibbled dead meat beside the highway.
They whispered in my good ear.
They scuttled down the street
behind cars and muscular pickups.
They got taken in by shysters.
Some went off somewhere to find themselves.
They danced around in skimpy outfits.
Some slowly became themselves
as if they had no idea what else to do.

Poem - The Fifty Things Wrong With This Picture - Timothy Russell

By: Timothy Russell

None of this will hasten
or delay that dazzling flash
astonishingly brief on the horizon.
Some of these children have never seen
a river or an orchard or a pea pod
before today. Poppies and impatiens
that make you think “cinnamon”
instead of “cinnabar” perhaps
are in simultaneous bloom
with tiger lilies and chicory
along the road and bachelor buttons
and clematis near the porch.
The children are without dread.
They investigate every crevice
for the golden apples they’ve heard
about. Only this morning
a man in khaki drove a green tractor
through “that protected section
yonder” beyond which coal is being stripped.
Two starlings chase a sparrow
veering crazily but not dropping
the bread crust from its beak.
Not one detail here depends
on any other, not even the boy
in the chocolate and lemon polo shirt
about to discover a handful of bees.

Poem - autobiographical limerick - delor e. ferral

By: delor e. ferral

The jobs that I’ve held have been various,
My character, sometimes nefarious,
Not normally funny,
Enough to make money,
When nude, women think I’m hilarious.

Poem - Lemon - Suzanne Grenoble

By: Suzanne Grenoble

Sea surge sluicing
Salt Citrus
Over the tongue
Pale seeds
Like transparent pebbles,
Slipslide longways,
Settling in sea algae–
Cool dark underworld green down.
Yellow-bright sun pinwheels on high,
Over our celadon haven for nests.

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