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Story Institute RamblingVerser - Episode 13

Imagine New Worlds and Write with Chad Corrie

Did you find it a bit crazy that we our 13th episode is being aired on the 13th of April…we do…but, hey, there are crazier things…so, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show…

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Samuel Johnson

Poem from
Amy Lowell – Azure And Gold

Guest Conversation with
Chad Corrie

Here is a little about Chad (
“A Minnesota native since his birth, Chad Corrie has long had a love affair with his creative side. Dabbling in art, film, music and acting, it wasn’t until he found writing that he began to excel at something with which he’d found a healthy outlet and addiction.

Since that time he has written a wide array of material from such varied genres as horror, sci-fi and contemporary fiction amid comic scripting, poetry, screen plays, stage plays and more. It wasn’t until recently that he discovered fantasy and began to work more in this interesting and very broad genre.

Chad has also been an editor and writer for an online magazine, and explored the world of publication with a selection of previous business ventures. Currently he is writing comic scripts, prose novels and recently moved into short dramatic skits as he continues working on a new publishing venture along with seeking out more avenues in which to see his work get published."

Published Works

“The Gift” Short Story published in Midwest Teen Scene January 1994

“The Seer’s Quest” Novel published by R+R Endeavors, 2004

“Seer’s Quest” Novel published by Aspirations Media, 2006

“Path of Power” Novel published by Aspirations Media, 2006

“Gambit’s End” Novel published by Aspirations Media, 2007

“Tales of Tralodren™: The Beginning” Graphic Novel published by AMI, 2007

“The Adventures of Corwyn” published by AMI, 2008


2008–Central Minnesota Gallery–GOLD AWARD

2009–34th International Gallery–GOLD AWARD

In honor of Free Comic book day (, Chad is having a little give-away of his own…check out his website on how to support this event coming up May 2nd, 2009…

Poetry Topic –
Swamp Life

Short Story Topic –
Mysterious Delivery

Running Time: 34 minutes 25 seconds

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