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Story Institute RamblingVerser - Episode 18

Plot your plot…Conversations about writing…Chad Corrie & John E Murray III

Quote by Walt Disney: ““Ideas come from curiosity. When I settle one idea, my confidence takes command; and nothing can shake it, and I am constant to it until it comes a reality. Then I drop it abruptly, and rarely mention it again.”

Poem from John E. Murray, III:
Up, Up, and You get the Picture

Up, up, and away from
The newly formed layers of concrete
Into the cushy pillows of little sleep.
Up, up, and away from
The familiar phases of dark and light
Into the soft glows of the pulsing spark.
Up, up, and away from
The toys of coming technology
Into the papers tending toward history.
Up, up, and away from
Work, friends, and family
Into the solitude of a speck others barely see.
Up, up, and away
Bring back the comfort of yesterday
And, stay lost for a future day.

This week, we talk about plot and where it leads each writer and how each writer leads it…
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Short Story Topic – Spirits in the Family
Ghosts are just a part of our imagination and storylines. Ghosts are visions, merely illusions that interact with the residents of this realm only to be shunned and frightened. There is a small family of spirits that somehow bonded, connected together, and decided to live together in an old television. They continually put on shows that they’ve seen either before or after they entered this unique new world. The television was located safely inside a museum, so the family was able to remain and put on the shows each evening.

Decide on the location. Decide on the make up of the family. Is the story just about the ghosts and the tv? Is the story light-hearted? Or, is the story a bit more intense? Decide on the interactions the spirits may have with the living if any. Decide on the personalities of each ghost. Do other relatives come to visit? Or, is it just this small group who became a closer unit? Decide on the path. Decide on the story, and write.

Poetry Topic – Identifying Happiness:
Happiness is a special emotion and unique to each individual. We each experience happiness in our own way. We relate to this word differently depending on our experiences and connections to others. We feel the word based on our internal dictionary. A dictionary created by our own sense of happiness. What is yours? Write about the emotions and post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

Happiness is shared here through what we identify with…

Wondrous Happiness
My heart alone can not sustain this wondrous happiness,
But, together alone, the inner greatness may grow,
And emotions sealed long ago, will continue to show.
Stay with me as we share this special journey,
For then the true intensity we may see.
As we tread forward into the future we create,
Let this bond we make test the depths of fate.
Our love will undoubtedly blossom into a full and beautiful flower,
Until then, let us be immersed in the pulsing power
Of the sustained togetherness and wondrous happiness.
John E. Murray, III

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