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Story Institute RamblingVerser - Episode 34 - Listen Then Write

Podcasts and thoughts to get your writing moving and your creativity flowing…John shares a handful of his favorite audio inspirations…

Featured Quote:
Belief, by definition is an assent to a proposition. It is any cognitive content that is held true. It is some expression or a vague idea in which some confidence is placed. Thus, it defines some sort of an agreement with the world view. It may be unproven assertion based on some of the fundamental assumptions. Belief is a form of judging something to be true, intermediate between mere opinion and certain knowledge. To believe something in this sense is to judge that it is true by virtue of “a ground that is objectively insufficient but subjectively sufficient”; in mere opinion neither is sufficient, in knowledge both conditions are met.Myths which are believed in tend to become true.
By: George Orwell

John shares some of his favorite podcasts that help inspire and influence him.

Check out these great shows and sites:
Writing Excuses – Brandon Sanderson, Howard Taylor, Dan Wells

The Poem of the Day

Beyond the Book – Copyright Clearance Center

Twit Network -Leo LaPorte

Daily GizWiz – Dick  Debartolo & Leo LaPorte

MuppetCast – Steve Swanson

WDW Radio – Lou Mongello

Do you have any favorite podcasts you would like to share?  Have you turned your book, poetry, or writing into a podcast?  Tell us about it either at’s forum, email (, or phone (615-431-WRIT).

Featured Writing Prompt:
Write a poem, short story, or otherwise that reflects on the podcast and where it fits within your storyline.  Is it just a little voice you hear in your ear as you jog or walk around the block?  Or, is it much more than that for your character and inspiration?  How does your character fit in with the podcast world?   Make it all up, or base your verse or story on some show you know.  Share it at Story Institute or share it elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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