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Story Institute RamblingVerser - Episode 35 - Still Listening

More podcasts and thoughts to get your writing moving and your creativity flowing…John shares one last handful of his favorite audio inspirations…

Featured Quotes:
A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness.
By: Robert Frost

A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom.
By: Robert Frost

John shares some more of his favorite podcasts that help inspire and influence him.
Check out these great shows and sites:

Chad Corrie’s Mega Feed
(The Works Worlds of Chad Corrie, Cauldron of Worlds, & The World of Traloden) – Chad Corrie

Grammar Girl – Mignon Fogarty

The Memory Palace – Nate DiMeo

BetaMouse – Henry Work, Jeff Chaney, Nate Parrish, Scott Barrett, Katie Siloac

WedWay Radio – Nate and Matt Parrish

Be Our Guest Podcast – Mike Rahlmann, Rikki Niblett, Pam Forrester, Debbie Robertson

Do you have any favorite podcasts you would like to share?  Have you turned your book, poetry, or writing into a podcast?  Tell us about it either at‘s forum, email (, or phone (615-431-WRIT).

Featured Poetry Writing Prompt:
Rose Blooms
A rose is a complicated flower, both to grow and behold. The color of this symbol can determine the type of relationship you share. The level of thorns can determine how long you would like to remain in that relationship. Connecting to the buds themselves enable you to appreciate the flowers and the person receiving them.
Be creative. Be encouraging. Be as intense as the hues these beautiful creations of nature. Open your heart as the petals expand. Tie your story into the intensity of the blooming intricacies. Post it at, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

Not Just a Rose
White is the innocent beauty, Which you will always be. Pink is the friendship which we share, Showing each other we really care. Red is the eternal peace and love, We attempt to realize, As we continue to touch each other’s lives.

Featured Short Story Writing Prompt:
Horse of a New Color
Have you ever thought that the horse of a different color could be real? What if the wish of one little girl helped make this fantasy more of a reality? What if the horse changed colors depending on the mood it was in? What if? What if? That is what the 6 year old little girl kept asking her daddy after taking a few riding lessons.

She was so enthralled by the horse, she wanted to be able to keep him. Her dad told her that they did not allow horses in their neighborhood and if he was seen, they would send him back to the farm. The little girl asked if the horse could hide for a while. She asked if she could talk to the horse about it. She asked, she did, and the horse, somehow found a way to be with the little girl. It seemed to camouflage itself and blend in. However, when the little girl needed a ride or just wanted to see her special friend, he was there.

Tell the story of how. Tell the story of why. Tell the story of when. Tell about the father and whether he believed. Share more than just a little girl and a special horse. Share more than a fantastic adventure about a horse. Share how strong a belief needs to be for a happenstance like this to become real. Decide on the story and write. Post it at, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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