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Story Institute RamblingVerser - Episode 9

Space…a Writing Frontier with Bart Leahy…

Quote by
B.F. Skinner

Poem from
William Blake – Sons of Los

Guest Conversation with Bart Leahy

Here is a little about Bart (

“I am a space advocacy writer. My background includes a Master’s degree in Technical Writing, business development writing for defense and non-defense government contractors, and strategic communication for NASA and the
National Space Society. My passion is being able to take on a difficult topic, explain it in clear prose, and organize the information so that others can understand and use it easily. It’s not just a matter of getting out a message, but of getting out a message that meets your audience/customer’s needs.”

Short Story Topic –
Flying Into a Different Similar Cloud

Poetry Topic –

Running Time: 23 minutes 32 seconds

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