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Story Institute RamblingVerser - Episode 2

We venture into writing with rhythm with Lenn Millbower in this episode of RamblingVerser. Join us for conversation, writing prompts, poetry, and our new cast members…Enjoy…

Writing with Rhythm with Guest
Lenn MillbowerLenn Millbower

Quote by
TS Elliotir

Poem from
Thomas Mooreir – Sing — Sing — Music Was Given

Guest Conversation with
Lenn Millbowerir

Here is a little about Lenn from his website (

WHO IS LENN MILLBOWER? Lenn trains learning professionals to keep ‘em awake so the learning will take. Training events created with Lenn’s five-star, Oscar caliber, show-biz based Learnertainment® techniques capture attendee attention, maintain their interest, enhance knowledge retention and increase business results in less training time.

WHAT DOES LENN DO? Lenn delivers seminars and workshops for trainers, educators and speakers seeking enhanced learning effectiveness.
Lenn provides instructional design consulting services to businesses, turning dry, boring, ineffective training programs, presentations and communications into engaging, memorable, successful events.
Lenn creates products that help non-entertainers deliver Oscar caliber, dazzling results through Learnertainment® techniques.

Short Story prompt:
Soothing Sounds of Romance

Poetry prompt:
Feel the Music

* Learnertainment® is a Registered Trademark of Lenn Millbower and Offbeat Training, LLC

Running Time: 33 minutes 44 seconds

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