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Story Institute RamblingVerser - Episode 3

A Poet’s View with Jill EisnaugleJill Eisnaugle

Quote by
Emily Dickinsonir

Poem from
Jill Eisnaugleir – Ship of Gold

Guest Conversation with
Jill Eisnaugleir

Here is a little about Jill from her website (

“I began writing short stories due to a second grade school assignment in 1988; I began writing poetry as the result of a seventh grade school assignment in 1994. Since that school assignment in 1994, I have written over 1,300 poems and have achieved a great deal of personal and professional success, as a result.
My biggest influences in life are God, my family and my second and sixth grade teachers, Mrs. Regina Chaney of Jackson, Ohio and Mrs. Sharon Needham of Oak Hill, Ohio. Both teachers played a vital role in the path I am pursuing, today.

My writing inspirations are
Robert Frostir, Emily Dickinsonir, Edgar Allan Poeir, and R.L. Stineir, whose “Goosebumps” children’s book series (combined with the fun-nature of Sharon Needham’s Reading class), took me from being a “fair-weathered” reader to someone who has a much greater appreciation for the world of imagination that exists between two book covers.”

Short Story prompt:
Lighting the Streetlight Way

During the editing process, part of our conversation with Jill was shortened for time. Jill wanted to make sure that we included this important piece to the posting and the notes…

“As a postscript to my interview, I would like to extend a personal thank-you to Marc Sherman, FM Operations Manager at Clear Channel Houston and afternoon disc jockey at SUNNY 99.1 (KODA-FM). Over the course of the last four years, as my friend, my mentor, my expert poem reader, and one of my biggest supporters (both in my life and my writing), Marc has played an integral part in my success. Thank you, Marc; I could not possibly have been as successful as I have been without your support! You’re
simply the best.”

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