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Story Institutes Announces - Penelope the Lost Pelican by Penny Beevor

For Immediate release

Penelope the Lost Pelican Cover

WINDERMERE, FL – April 17, 2017 – Story Institute, your online and in-print source for imagining, enhancing, and growing stories, is proud to announce the updated publication of Penelope the Lost Pelican, a children’s story, by Penny Beevor.

Join Penelope the pelican and her new friend Dolly, the dolphin, in their adventure to find Penelope's parents. They must hurry and find them before it is time to migrate. Together, Penelope and Dolly search for clues across the Florida coast and meet some other fun animals along the way.

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Maggi and Milo Make New Friends Now Available

Maggi and Milo Meet New Friends

Are you looking for a good children's book to read with the younger members of your family...check out the new book by Juli Brenning, Maggi and Milo Make New Friends. Stop by your local bookstore or check it out on Amazon. Enjoy the story and enjoy the time with your family.

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Corwyn and Company making a comeback

If you've listened to our podcasts or taken a look through some of our news and posts, Chad Corrie has been one of those authors we never hesitate to promote. Chad is working on brining back some of his earlier works through a Kickstarter project.

We encourage you to check out the books and make your pledge to bring back some wonderful stories. Whether you are into digital copies or physical, this Kickstarter offers both. Support a fellow author and receive a great story in return.

Watch the video and visit the Kickstarter page:

Snapshots by Mehreen Ahmed

Mehren Ahmed has written another excellent book. This one tells tales from travels and adventures delighting audiences of all ages. Check out her work in the links is more about the book from the author herself:

"On a trail of relics and ruins, Snapshots is a book of travels delineating my journeys of four major continents. A travel through the ancient, the medieval, the renaissance and the modern, national heritage of each of these continents has been pivotal to this book, showing an evolution of history. Primarily, palaces, mosques, churches, temples and museums, however, renowned forests and sea beaches have also been depicted..."

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Return of the Wizard King by Chad Corrie available as ebook

For listeners of the Story Institute RamblingVerser podcast, you may remember author Chad Corrie. His new work, Return of the Wizard King, the first book in The Wizard King Trilogy, is now available as an e-book by Mantikore. Chad knows how to tell a good story, build characters, and establish a universe that engages readers.

Purchase a personal copy from one of these ebook retailers:
iBooks – Return of the Wizard King – Chad Corrie

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Amazon Kindle Serials: old approach, newer technology


If you have an Amazon Kindle and long for the approach of Dickens when reading new stories, Amazon may have your answer. Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, said, “for our next invention, we reached back into the past for inspiration.” Amazon released eight Kindle Serials to begin this new distribution method. Each edition will be priced at “an introductory price” of $1.99. Each title will be exclusive to Amazon.

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Microsoft and Barnes & Noble team up for “world-class reading experience”


According to a press release today, Microsoft and Barnes and Noble are forming a strategic partnership to create “world-class digital reading experiences for consumers.” This joint effort, called Newco, will be a new subsidiary of Barnes and Noble and build upon the platform already at Barnes & Noble.

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Book Industry News – Borders to liquidate

While the news in the link below doesn’t effect the business here at Story Institute, it is an interesting sign into where the book industry is heading. With the many options for publishing and reading these days, paper book sales seem to be moving beyond the store and into the online arena. Traditional books also seem to be isolated to a few major retailers. Many of the mall stores seem to be closing or consolidating. The ebook option appears to be growing even without price cuts. The largest retailers are being more strategic in their placement of stores while competition dwindles. Many authors, popular and freshman alike, are moving to the self-publishing route. They get their story out there and reap a higher profit.

As writers, how are you handling the change in the book industry? Share you comments here.
Read the article here to find out more: Borders liquidation story

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