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Story Idea - Rollercoaster Theming

Life is like a rollercoaster. A common analogy used to explain the ups and downs of life. When thinking of this rollercoaster though, depending on your experience you may picture a stand alone coaster. One in the middle of a park, perhaps sitting next to a carousel or some other ride. Each are enjoyable experiences as you enter the rides, but once the ride is over…well its over.

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Story Idea - On or off the Island

A boat has landed on an island far off in a lake. Not an ocean, but a lake. The island, however, has palm trees and the beach found off the higher seas. From where did this place pop up? Why hasn’t anyone ever heard of it? How did you get here? Walk around the island. Share what you see.

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Story Idea - Waiting on a Past

An elderly gentleman sits on a simple wooden bench. His back is arched and he is leaning forward. He looks upward for a few moments, then straight ahead. He leans back and listens. Feather fly by. Furry creatures scurry along. Plastic discs and patterned round objects sail across the surface before the man. He rests.

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Story Idea - Traveling Keyboard

An individual who stresses too much about something little…something so little, he has to bring it with him wherever he goes…just in case…What is that something you ask, a computer keyboard. He doesn’t want to us any other keyboard. His keyboard is perfect. It always has been perfect. This is part of the problem. It can connect to any machine; be used on any operating system; fit in the tightest of places.

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Story Idea - Sisters in School

Sisters can teach each other many things. They can teach each other good habits and some times not so good habits. They can help each other get acquainted with a new school and find new friends. This adventure involves two young children. One is in second grade. She is mostly extroverted, comfortable, and secure in the learning environment. The other is in kindergarten. She is introverted and a little nervous about all the people she doesn’t know.

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Story Idea - Car Life

Have you ever thought about being a car? Maybe not. Perhaps, you have thought about the feeling of a new car. The smell, the smoothness of the seats, the purr of the engine…What makes each new car special? What makes each car function fully and faithfully? Does it need special care? Or, is it just a car?

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Story Idea - What are They Thinking?


Sometimes, pictures are not enough to purge a story from the depths of your mind…

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Story Idea - Bicycles

Whether you are struggling for a topic, or looking for a muse…look here for our weekly topics. This week’s short story topic is BICYCLES…Whether you think about the round wheels, the ding, ding, dinging of the bell, or jumping over things when you were younger…remember to evoke, engage, and empower your readers…Write it, share it, post it here…

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Poem Idea - Carnivals

When was the last time you were at a carnival? You know, one of those signs of summer…the crowded, dark, and sometimes littered parking lots with the Tilt-A-Whirls, the Ferris wheels, the bumper cars, and those all tempting carnival games…Cotton candy, all sticky and sugary…Snow comes, so icy and drippy…Corndogs so, well, so corn doggy…Each of these images rise to the top when thinking of a carnival. Use each line to share one sense of excitement, of wonder, of worry with your readers, your new friends, your connections to other carnivals that you have not visited…

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