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Poem Idea - Identifying Happiness

Happiness is a special emotion and unique to each individual. We each experience happiness in our own way. We relate to this word differently depending on our experiences and connections to others. We feel the word based on our internal dictionary. A dictionary created by our own sense of happiness. What is yours? Write about the emotions and post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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Poem Idea - Peace Within or Without

Peace is a concept with an opposite that provides more damage, quicker than peace can achieve goodness. A sense of peace is different than a state of peace. Calmness, solemnity, lack of violence are all parts that reflect this graceful word. When do we realize the true sense of the word? When do we have time to reflect on the concepts? When is it time to look into the eyes of country men, our family, our children, and share a sense of relief and hope that didn’t reside in their minds before.

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Poem Idea - Valentine's Day

Some believe that Valentine’s Day is the day of romance and love. Other s feel it remains a commercial driven holiday meant for card and flowers companies to sell their goods at double the price. What side do you hold? Where does love lie on the day meant for relationships? The verse here can create an image of pure joy or pure disappointment. The lines used can be rich with the flowing joy of a perfect day spent with your loved one. Or, they can contain simple slights of Valentine Days missed because of a poor relationship.

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Poem Idea - Rose Blooms


A rose is a complicated flower, both to grow and behold. The color of this symbol can determine the type of relationship you share. The level of thorns can determine how long you would like to remain in that relationship. Connecting to the buds themselves enable you to appreciate the flowers and the person receiving them.

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Poem Idea - Sonnet Through the Muse

A special relationship deserves to be appreciated and admired. A spouse or significant individual should be told how special they are to you and in your life. Reflect on the happiness they bring. Encourage your muse to show through the relationship and into a being all its own.

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Poem Idea - Feel the Music

Music by itself helps create and bring back memories. Whether you think about the rebounding of the bass, the techno touch of the guitar, the soft melodies of a violin, the boom of the drums, or the surging of the brass, new moments are created in your memory.

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