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Whether you share short stories, knit novels, or compose poetry, you are constantly in search of a subject. Where do you find your inspiration? Where do you search for the sanity that is the focus of your piece? The challenge usually is finding something, someone, or some essence worthy enough to place on paper so that the goodness spills over the page into the minds and hearts of your readers. This anthology is filled with inspirations from talented writers who have shared their work with Story Institute. Authors in this volume include: Teri A. Murray, Skyler Wolf Jones, Rebecca Laskowitz, Jill Eisnaugle, E.D. Arrington, Amy Priddy, Yael K. Miller, Cacy Ann Minter, Courtney Lyn Blystone, Bryan Kaminsky, Aaron Eugene Lee, Joy Sheppard, Suzanne Grenoble, Timothy Russell, Jamie Lyn Waters, Lamar Cole, Crystal Robin Rose, Michele Lee Moyer, Damien Livingston, Cathy P. Staley, Jody McMaster, Kaylee Lynn Gates, Hannah Ruth Steadman, Frank Kilbourn
Bill, a self-contained, romantic poet, becomes engulfed within the placidity of music. He finally finds hope for inspiration in a little more than a Melody. Feelings grow strong and so do little voices as Bill tries to engage in more than just writing about romance. He thinks that Melody may be the one inspiration that connects him to his soulmate but, does he truly feel this is true, or will his inner reflection, that little voice, silence the symphonies and cause him to be alone, with someone. Listen within as Bill tries to answer the questions we all face: How much do we question; How much do we debate; How long do we wait, Before our hearts Stop making memories Of our true soulmate.
Join Penelope and Dolly in their adventure to find Penelope's parents before they migrate. Together, they search for clues across the Florida coast and meet some other fun animials along the way. Penelope the Lost Pelican is a tale of friendship, cooperation, and family enjoyed by parents and children across the world.
Riddled with foreign words, The Blotted Line is an international book of short stories. One thematic link that weaves the narratives together is its universal issue of loss. While the stories are individually unique, the characters in each tale lose something precious; not always in the sense of material possessions, but the loss of human values such as trust, freedom, and happiness.
The instinct to observe always follows the poet within this book. Mark Sengenberger has seen how a great many little things can cooperate to make something greater than the sum of its parts. Like bricks combine to make a building, and buildings combine to form a skyline, Mark enjoys dissecting life down to its individual pieces. Find out where some of those individual pieces overlap and intersect In Between Epiphanies...
Vincent Kraver, author of fifteen bestselling novels, found his niche in writing early in life. His talent helped build a life he never would have imagined. With a misguided mother and a transient childhood, Vincent's eventual success would have been denied by everyone except himself. In between family disputes and a demanding book signing schedule, Vincent finds himself engaged in the plot of someone else's mystery. As he struggles to find information about the dark yet insightful other writer, Vincent learns more about his wife and two children than he ever intended. Who is Kevin Larre? Why has he chosen Vincent as the subject of his writing? How does he know so much about Vincent's life? What will Vincent do to find out the truth behind his own little mystery? Find out more in...The Manuscript...
What's driving your ROI? Driving ROI sets the stage for driving excellence within your organization. Your path, position, and perspective influence where you add and find value in a business decision. Whether you are an executive, trainer, operator, or a member of the marketing team, you will find value in the surveys, summaries, and stories trapped within. Most conversations about return on investments begin by someone telling you their method of calculating a dollar value for your efforts. ROI calculations have been based on subjectivity and cavalier approaches to assigning value to efforts. The reality is we all contribute to a return. Sometimes, that contribution is positive. Sometimes, it is negative. Sometimes, we need to share our stories and connect them before we apply some formula or a calculation. Driving ROI provides important insight and connections to communication, listening, delivering, and integrating a distinct return to your investments.

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